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May 2016


Video: Removing Spiritual Stitches

Hi guys, So this is the final part regarding spiritual operations since I’ve already explained how is the spiritual operation, the post-operation rules and now, finally, the final step which is removing the spiritual (invisible) stitches. Hope you enjoy it! XO John of god…

May 17, 2016

At John of God’s Pharmacy: Jars, Creams, Syrup, Pills

Hi guys! So at the pharmacy at the Casa there are a few things you can buy in addition to herbs: The yellow jar is to help with the healing process (wound healing) The blue jar massage is for massage and muscle pain. The…

May 12, 2016

Video: Post-Surgery Rules

  Hi guys! So now, now  let’s talk about the post-surgery rules: umbrella, no exercise, etc? This is to clarify some questions that people have when it comes to what is the procedure afterwards you have a spiritual intervention (or physical) Hope you enjoy…

May 6, 2016

Video: Spiritual Operation

Hi guys This time I am sharing some info regarding the spiritual (invisible) operation. If you are getting ready to come here to see John of God and wants to learn more about the procedure, then this video is for you. Hope you enjoy…

May 2, 2016