The federal highway BR-060 is the road that connects Brasilia to Abadiania. The distance between both cities is approximately 114km (71 miles), which is around 1.5 hour car drive.

It is a very nice drive and, once you arrive in Abadiania, you can see how the town is a small village. There is only one main street with many shops that sell crystals, white clothes, havaianas, massage places, a juice bar called Fruttis right in the middle of the main street, a shop called Elements that sells oils, sprays, soaps, incense, etc. and Cristais Dom Inacio, which is a store that belongs to the Casa, so everything you buy there is already blessed by the entities.

main street

In addition to that, you also find the mini market Ribeiro, a coffee shop called Quintal Café com Prosa, two pizzarias places, two exchange places (one in front of Fruttis and another one called Lovely, closer to the mini market Ribeiro) and an internet shop (in case you need to print pictures to put in the triangle or to show to John of God). That’s pretty much all the businesses or commercial stores you will find in Abadiania.

And of course, A LOT of pousadas (small hotels, local inn, guest houses).

Abadiania wasn’t selected randomly by John of God. In 1978, he received a channeled message by a famous medium named Chico Xavier in which an entity (spirit) told him that Abadiania was the place where his spiritual mission should be.


Another thing that makes Abadiania special is quartz crystals you find here. According to the book John of God by Heather Cummings, the Casa is centered over a natural energy vortex formed by quartz crystals beneath the surface.

The beautiful nature surrounding the town is another plus of this special place. There are many hills and valleys, hummingbirds, blue morph butterflies, monkeys, etc.

Finally, one place where many people go here in Abadiania is the hills to watch the sunrise and sunset. If you continue walking straight, passing the Casa, you will find this spot.