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Cecilia Zigher

Professional coach (ICF), Psych-K Facilitator, BA in Social Science, PR & Communication from Berghs School of Communication, and Authorized Casa Guide​

Hi all of you!

​My name is Cecilia Zigher and I’m originally from Sweden. I’m an authorized Casa guide and also part of the Casa staff, which makes me able to understand the deeper work that goes on here. I have lived in Abadiânia since 2012.

Before I left everything in Sweden and decided to live in Brazil I was a political expert and worked with communication in the Swedish Cancer Society. I have a Bachelor in Social Science, I also love communication and studied PR- and communication in Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm.

But to tell you the truth, where I have learned the most in my life, is not from university or communication schools, it’s from life itself. It’s through having relationships, through my travels and through living in other countries and encounter the many perspectives of the world.

Regardless of my life experience, my path to spiritual healing and personal growth, as for all of us, was internal. But sometimes we need external help. With the strong Casa energy in combination with my own inner work, I reconnected to my sacred place within, I finally found inner peace.

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My healing story and how I became a guide.

Before I arrived to Abadiania I was living in Stockholm. Everything looked perfect on the outside: good job, beautiful apartment in the center and a lot of friends. But inside I was miserable. I was depressed and had been for years. My body was also reacting to my depression and my period had been irregular for as long as I could remember. And not a little bit irregular, actually only coming twice or three times a year. Needless to say I was in a bad place and it had to be Stockholm’s fault. Right? So one day I woke up and decided to sell everything I had, including my apartment, and on top of all I also quit my extremely good job as a political expert in the Swedish Cancer Society.

I traveled the world and to make a long story short, I kind of understood very fast, that Stockholm might not be the cause of my depression. The sad news for me was that every place I arrived to, I was there, and so was my depression. I was the common denominator. Ouch!

Eventually, in desperation, I came to the Casa and I met the entity and I sat in the current (meditation) for many months. After ten months I suddenly remembered how it felt to be happy and I started to cry, but this time it was not sadness, it was joy. I was healed. Another interesting thing  was that the first day I arrived to the Casa my period came and since then my period has been regular. Can you believe it! I almost couldn’t, but now I can!

With my own healing story I started to guide. I wanted to support and take part of other people’s journey and processes here. Luckily the entity blessed me to be guide. I have guided several groups, which I enjoy tremendously. Today I’m happy that the entity gave me this blessing because I love taking part of people’s growth and development. If you want me as a guide, I would be honored to support you and I would love to take part of your Journey.


Debbie Akamine

BA in business,  Authorized Casa Guide and Tour Guide

Hi guys!

So let me introduce myself. My name is Debbie Akamine. I’ve been living in Abadiania and working as a guide full time since 2013. I am Brazilian (with Japanese background). I speak Portuguese and English. I’ve learned English while living in New York during high school and college since my dad was an expat.

Some of my friends even say that “I am not that Brazilian” or that “I have an American (or foreigner) heart” and I believe they are right.

I love being a tour guide. For me, the work goes beyond guiding. One of the best gifts of my job is, not only to support people in their healing process, but also to develop real connection with people while making amazing friends from all over the world!

What I find fascinating about this job is how each person in the group is different and I get to learn new things about them (and with them) all the time, especially because every person has her/his own point of view, wisdom and life experience. With every group something new happens and everyone has a different experience at the Casa. (Talk about learning how to be flexible!).

Because healing is so unique for each person, and I don’t know what is like to be in your shoes, my guiding style is to go with the flow. This way I can meet people where they are.

One thing I think is super important while guiding people in their process is to make it simple and easy for them, as well as light and fun. Laughter is good for the soul, specially if you are in a spiritual hospital 24/7. Who said healing cannot be light and fun too?

If you feel I could be the right guide for you, I would love to be part of your experience! If yes, click here.

How I became a guide?

I was very lucky to have been raised by a spiritual mom, who is a vedic astrologer, and thanks to her I’ve learned about Edgar Cayce and have been obsessed about auras since I was 12 years old! As you can see, I was fascinated about spirituality at a young age (yeap, I am a spirit junkie at heart).

After I graduated from college, I worked in the financial market for a while.But I felt so lost in my life that after working in a place for almost I year, I would quit and get a new job. That was my pattern.  In my last job, I worked as an international tax consultant at KPMG.

In November of 2010 I watched the Oprah Show about John of God. The interesting thing was that I heard about him a year before through my mom. But only in 2010 I was ready to learn more about him (talk about timing!). Four months after watching the Oprah Show, I came to see John of God. That was in March, 2011.


I’ve read somewhere that before you know you are coming, the entities know that you are coming. So, in the entire car ride from the Brasilia to Abadiania I thought about how I needed help with my career  since I felt so lost in my life.

When I saw John of God for the first time, I did something no one does: I lied! I told him that I did not know why I came to see him because I felt bad about asking for help in my career. I thought it was so superficial. After I lied, the first thing he asked me was: what is your job? He knew EXACTLY what I needed. He said he was going to help me and told me to sit in current.

I never meditate in my life and my first current went by super fast. It was amazing. After current was over, I went back to my pousada and in the coffee table I saw the Oprah Magazine: What is your true calling?

I thought to myself, what a coincidence! The reason I am here is because of the Oprah Show and this is exactly what I am looking for help with. And if that wasn’t enough, the next day I met a career coach from Canada. Another synchronicity and then I started to pay attention on how the entities were helping me.

It did not take too long for me to figure out that I wanted to guide, it felt so natural to me. In May of 2011, I asked for permission to become a guide.

Two years later, in 2013, I took the leap of faith and left my life and job in Sao Paulo to move to Abadiania.  It’s been almost three years now that I’ve been guiding people and I LOVE IT. I even worked during Christmas and New Years because this job doesn’t really feel like work.