Due to the high demand of rooms for people who come to see John of God, depending on the time of the booking, we might have to change to a different pousada, as Santa Maria has been booked in some of the dates we had planned our trips. But don’t worry, we can still look for a pousada that will be good for you. Some of the options are Irmao Sol, Luz Divina, Caminho Encantado and Sao Miguel.

It is important to keep in mind that you are coming to a small village in the middle of Brazil, in other words, the accomodations are simple, similar to 1-2 stars inn (there are no five stars hotels here).

Because Abadiania is a small village you won’t find hotels here, instead what you will find is a lot of different pousadas, which offer a friendly casual athmosphere. Pousadas are a type of local inn, guest house, small hotel and for that reason, most of the accomodations are simple.

You will be staying at Pousada Santa Maria, which is a nice pousada here in Abadiânia. It is located in the main street, less than 1 minute walk to the Casa. After you enter through the dining area, you will see a beautiful interior garden, with many flowers and hammocks. They have have a private area with a fridge for the guests to use, microwave and an eletric pot to make tea (in the picture below).


The rooms are simple, but comfortable with a nice private bathroom and shower and each room is cleaned every three days. You have a fan in your room, towels are provided, there is WI-FI in case you need to access your smart phone or use your laptop, a little desk for your laptop or to write in your journal, a mirror and a lamp to make your room cozy at night. Laundry service is available, so you don’t need to overpack. For more pictures of the room and the pousada, just click here.

Since you are coming to a spiritual hospital, the pousadas serve as a type of “recovery room” for people who had spiritual operations, so you will not find a TV in your room.


The pousada also offers three meals per day: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner that are buffet style. They offer a good variety of food for vegans, vegetarians and for people who like to eat meat. They also have coffees, teas, fruits which are served during lunch and dinner. There is also possible to buy some drinks at their restaurant such as sodas, water, coconut water and juices.

A typical meal include the following options:  white rice, brown rice, beans, meat, chicken, fried fish (for dinner only), salad, fruits, etc.

If you are applying for your VISA, here is the contact information you will need:

Pousada Santa Maria

  • Av. Frontal, Quadra B, Lote 5
  • Bairro Lindo Horizonte – Abadiânia, Goiás
  • Telephone number: +55 62 3343-1073
  • email:

If for whatever reason, you would like to come in our tour and stay in a different place, please write to us and we will see how we can work it out. It is important that you feel good and happy about where you are staying.

Special Dietary Needs

Please let us know about special dietary restricting at the time of your reservation.

The pousada include 3 meals with your room. All meals are simple and served buffet-style. You will have choices of raw, steamed and cooked items, fruits, vegetables, rice/beans, pasta, meats. Typically a simple meal of fruits, cooked and raw vegetables, salads, beans, rice, meat, chicken and fried fish (only for dinner). Various breads, desserts and beverages are available as well.

We have no control over the food selections. If you have special dietary requirements, we can help you be prepared for the type of food the pousada offer, however the pousada can’t accommodate special requests. Some pousadas have simple cook tops, water and refrigerators available to residents, so you can plan and prepare your simple meal options.

There are restaurants and stores that offer gluten free options. Fruttis’s has fresh and local offerings from juices to veggie burgers to pastas to gluten free and more. Zen Pizza also offers gluten free options. There is a small store on the main street that sells healthy, gluten free options, as well as, other options for dietary restrictions. There is a large variety of options at reasonable prices.

So let me know if you have restrictions so we can work to together to identify options for you. Always travel with protein shakes and nuts. You can not bring fruits or vegetables into the country.