Booking Your Airline Ticket


The distance between Brasilia and Abadiania is approximately 114km (71miles), the driving time is 1.5h from the Brasilia Airport to Abadiania. For more information, watch this video.

Companies that fly directly to the Brasilia Airport:

Websites to find good price of tickets:

Booking a hotel in Brasilia, here are some good options of places to stay:

  • Clarion Hotel Jade Brasilia
  • Carlton Hotel Brasilia
  • Mercure Brasilia Eixo Hotel
  • Base Concept Hotel Brasilia (THE CLOSEST one from the Brasilia airport)

It is easier to go in websites like to make a reservation in Brasilia for Sunday. Just write their name and you will find a easier way to make a reservation.

Try to arrive in Brasilia as early as possible on Monday (since the tours start on Monday and end on the Saturday of the second week)! The earlier you arrive in Brazil, the extra time you will have to recover from the jet lag, take a shower, get familiar with the town, etc!

Don’t forget to send your e-ticket to us so we can organize the transportation and double check and make sure everything is all right for you to come here!