Casa de Dom Inácio


At the end of the main street here in Abadiania is where the Casa is located.

The buildings are painted in white and blue and, as soon as walk through the gates of the Casa, there is a huge parking lot. On the left side, you will find the snack bar, bookstore and if you keep walking this way, it will lead you to the dirty road to the Sacred Waterfall.

On the right side, there is a place where the taxis are parked and where the main buildings of the Casa are located: the Main Hall with the triangle on the stage and three doors doors that lead to the Infirmary, Current Rooms and Blessing Room. There are two more triangles at the Casa: one inside the little chapel and another one in the varanda, right next to the picture of King Salomon.

Continuing on your right side, you will see the Reception, Pharmacy, Restrooms and a place where many people who were healed by John of God and the entities (spirits) left their wheelchairs, canes and crutches.

There is also a beautiful garden, where people can sit to meditate and, the Casa outlook, with the view of the mountains and the dirty road to the Sacred Waterfall. Next to the garden, there are many blue doors with numbers, this is the place where people go to have their crystal bed sessions.

And finally, the soup kitchen, where people can have blessed soup after the morning session on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


Healing at the Casa

The Casa de Dom Inácio (House of Saint Ignatius) was named after Saint Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuit Order and one of the main entities who work at the Casa. The healing center is also considered a spiritual hospital because the entities are working there and healing not only our physical bodies, but our soul, our spirit.

They are working on the origin of whatever issue we have, which could be not only physical, but spiritual, mental, emotional, relationships, past lives, etc. That’s the reason why healing is a process, not a one time event. For instance, let’s just say someone has a problem in the liver that was caused by an emotional issue. First, the entities will work on the emotional aspect and, once that is cleared, they will be working on the physical body.

The entities are working on us ALL THE TIME. In some cases, people experience things even before they see John of God. Healing can happen anywhere and anytime: in the crystal beds, waterfall, sitting in current, during your spiritual operation, praying in the triangle or simply by walking in nature. It is also important to mention that the spiritual work done here is a partnership: the entities do fifty percent of the work and we do fifty percent of the work.

Everyone’s experience is different.

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Our paths to healing are unique. Some of us don’t need to make any life changes, letting time and patience make change for us. Others may need to make big shifts in nutrition, work, family life, or relationships; we may need to focus more on self-care, expression, art, and creativity; adopt other approaches like peer support, therapy, herbalism, acupuncture, or homeopathy; or find new life interests like going to school or connecting with nature. We may discover that the first step is getting restful sleep; we may need structure to help get us motivated; or to stop taking any recreational drugs or alcohol. Our priorities might be to find a home or a new job; we may need to establish stronger support networks of trusted friends; or it may be important to speak up with greater honesty and vulnerability about what we are going through. The process might feel mysterious and arbitrary, and an attitude of acceptance and patience is vital. Learning means trial and error.

Because each of us is unique, it’s as if we are navigating through a labyrinth, getting lost and finding our way again, making our own map as we go –  Will Hall, The Icarus Project