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Video: Physical Operations (With A Kitchen Knife)

Hi guys! Although I like the tv show MasterChef a lot (and Gordon Ramsay) this is not going to be about cooking. So finally I am talking about this topic: the physical operations you’ve probably have been looking on youtube or google images. Hope…

April 22, 2016

Video: Gluten Free Store

Hi guys, One thing that is super important when people come here to Abadiania to see John of God is to find out what kinda of dietary restrictions each person has. The food selection here in the pousadas (aka local inns) is pretty much…

April 15, 2016

Video: Sacred Waterfall

  Hi guys! Since many people want to know more information about the Sacred Waterfall, I thought about just showing you a little bit here in this video. Soon I will be making another video talking more about the waterfall. Stay tuned! XO John…

April 13, 2016

Video: Blessed Water + How To Make Blessed Water

Hi guys! So this time, I am sharing some tips on how to make blessed water at home (after you’ve been here in Aba) and also explaining certain things about the blessed water. XO PS: remember to read the comments for the transcript  of…

April 12, 2016

The Best View Ever In Aba And Morning Hike

Hi guys! So one of the things I like to do is to start my day with a morning hike. Being in nature, in the wilderness, is one of my favorite things. So I wanted to share with you guys, one of the best…

April 4, 2016

Video: Where Can I Buy Triangles, Crystals, Etc.

Hi guys, This time I am sharing some information on how to buy some of the John of God stuff I post on instagram and on facebook, such as the blessed water, wooden triangles, crystals, triangle necklaces, etc. Hope you enjoy it! XO John…

April 2, 2016