Common Questions


Q.  How often will I see John of God?
A.  Realistically, you will see John of God 1 or 2 times per week. Most people have at least one Intervention (invisible operation) which requires the person to stay in their room and rest for 24 hours thus missing 2 or more sessions. For more information, click here.

Q.  Do you need to be sick to see John of God?
A.  Everyone is welcome.  Many doctors, healers and people on a spiritual path are traveling to see John of God to receive a blessing and ask for heightened spiritual/healing gifts.  Some people travel to see John of God to ask for help for a loved one.

Q.  Are there medical facilities in Abadiania?
A.  There is a clinic and several pharmacies in Abadiania but there is no hospital.  You must travel 40 minutes to the nearest hospital and an hour and a half to a major medical facility.

Q.  Is Abadiania a safe place?
A.   The little town of Abadiania is very safe, just remember to follow the basic common sense guidelines that you should follow in any foreign city.  1)  Walk with a partner at night and only on streets that have street lights, 2)  Keep large sums of money and your passport in a secure place in your pousada

Q.  Can I drink the water in Abadiania?
A.  It is recommended that you buy blessed water while you are here to cleanse the body for your spiritual healing.

Q.  Are VACCINATIONS required?
A.  Vaccinations are recommended, but not required. Most of the people that come to see John of God do not take vaccinations.

Q.  Do I need to bring SNACKS from home?
A.  We recommend bringing your own favorite snacks to get you by (especially on the plane in case the airline food does not satisfy you).  In Abadiania, there are 2 cafes (Fruttis and Quinta Café com Prosa) in the Main Street.  These cafes offer freshly squeezed/blended fruit juices, shakes and various espresso delights of joy.  Some serve healthy sandwiches, organic salads, pizzas and snacks of varying degrees such as homemade chocolate cake.  Never bring fresh fruits or vegetables onto the airplane unless you consume them completely before landing in Brazil.

Q. Do I need travel insurance to go to the Casa de Dom Inacio?
A. Yes, travel health insurance is required on a group trip and for independent travelers. This can be purchased through many on-line sites. Trip interruption insurance and baggage loss are optional, but for travel with the group you must have emergency medical coverage that will pay your medical costs in Brazil and provide emergency transportation home if needed. For more information, read this.

Q. What about exchanging money in Abadiania, Brazil?
A. The Brazilian unit of money is the Reais, abbreviated R or BRL. There are two places where you can exchange money in Abadiania: a store called Lovely, close to the mini market Ribeiro and the Exchange Place in the Main Street, in front of Fruttis (the yellow juice bar in town). There is one ATM in town, however it is not always reliable and sometimes, the few places that accept credit cards could be frequently “down”. The bookstore at the Casa and the Pharmacy will take credit cards for any amount and some crystal shops.

You might want to exchange a few dollars before your trip, though the exchange rate is a little bit less favorable in other countries, but you may find it worth those few dollars for the peace of mind. I will help you to exchange money in Abadiania. Another option is to exchange money at the Brasilia Airport. The exchange place is called Confidence and is on the right said, after you come out from the International Gate Arrival, near the restrooms.

We recommend you bring, AT LEAST, USD $400 per week ($800 for two weeks) to cover blessed water, Casa herbs if prescribed, crystal bed, and massage treatments, an occasional taxi to the waterfall, crystals and gifts, juice bar or snacks. If you like to shop, then maybe bring more.

NOTE: We’ve spoken with people in the past group and some people were able to get by with $600 USD for two weeks (without counting the amount they spent shopping for crystals with their credit card). Other people spent $800 USD in the two weeks and someone spent $1.000 – as you can see, it depends on how much shopping you will do, how many crystal beds you will do (20min, 40min, 60min) and the amount of times you will buy food, pizza, snacks, acai, etc.

The cash will go to: juice and snacks, crystal bed appointments, dinner or lunch at other places, taxi to the waterfall, etc.

Q. What is the electrical current in Brazil?
A. The outlets in Brazil have a different voltage than those in USA or other countries and require an adaptor (220v). I will be providing the adaptor to the Brazilian plug type so you can use to charge your smart phone or laptop. Most phones and laptops have a built in power adaptor, so you don’t need to worry about the different voltage. But do check your device to see if it has that built in. Don’t bring your hairdryer, my sugestion, as I’ve mentioned in the What to Pack for Two Weeks video, is to buy the flat iron and hairdryer here in Abadiania, as it won’t cost more than 250 Reais.