How John of God Beat Cancer

July 4, 2016


On July 2nd, there was an article at Veja (a famous Brazilian magazine) which talked about how John of God beat cancer.

Just a little background for those of you who don’t know the story.

Last year, in September John of God, for the first time ever, was away for 5 weeks from Abadiania. This is unheard of in all the years he has been doing this spiritual work. At the time, the official news said he was being operated for hernia in his stomach (which lasted 10 hours) when, in reality, the true story was that he was being operated for cancer in his stomach.

Here is my own translation from the article (source – click here).

The article started with John of God saying “There is something that is pinching in my belly. Maybe is bad. I want that thing that goes inside your mouth to the bottom. I want to see what is this thing”. That’s how John of God, 74 years old, asked the cardiologist Roberto Kalil to check him. In his simple way, John of God was refering to endoscopy. This request came in a very unique moment, it was May 9th of 2015 at Roberto Kalil’s wedding cerimony. A few days after, the endoscopy in addition to a biopsy revealed the diagnostic that what was pinching in his stomach was actually a very agressive type of cancer. Technically, gastric adenocarcinoma, 6 centimeters. A malignant tumor was extracted after an operation that lasted 10 hours, in August of 2015, by the surgeon Raul Cutait at the Hospital Sirio-Libanes, in Sao Paulo. The operation was very delicated and complex, it took out half of John of God’s stomach.

Discrete and indifferent to fame, which he gained during a world wide audience from the Oprah Winfry show in 2012, John of God only revealed he had cancer to family members and people who were close to him. In rare occasions in which he mentioned the disease to the people who came here to see him for treatment in Abadiania, John of God would not mention how severe was the situation. A hernia in the stomach, that’s what they said at the Casa. The ordeal lasted a year, counting from the time he was diagnosed to the time he healed the cancer. The journalist met him during one of the chemotherapy sessions. It was December 6th of 2015. At 3pm he entered the bedroom where John of God was, room 964, at the Hospital Sirio-Libanes. The medium was sitting in the bed with a cup of coffee and milk in his hands. After taking the first sip, he asked “I wanted a real milk, like the one from my hometown”. The people who worked at the hospital then replaced the powder milk by the liquid milk (in a box). At a certain point he took the hands of the journalist and squeezed her hands very strongly and asked: “Do you know how to cook my sister?” He said to her it was important for her to learn how to cook and reminded her that one of his favorite dishes is galopé, which is a recipe of pork feet and chicken. “The secret is to use an old chicken” he recommended to her.

The chemotherapy lasted five months, always in a very discrete way. John of God took two medications. Capecitabine, took the pills in a cycle of fourteen days and cisplatin, performed in eight sessions with intervals of 21 days. The combination of both had severe side effects. The medium had sickness, nausea, lost of apetite, anemia and tiredness. In one of the sessions with cisplatin he even needed a blood transfusion. John of God used to weight 130 kilos (his height is 1.80m), he lost 30 kilos during the treatment. Today he continues to be thin, but already gained 5 kilos. The journalist was present in two more sessions of chemotherapy and said that John of God although he was a feeling a little bit weak kept a good mood of someone who knew that it was necessary to go through this whole process. Quiet, more quiet than usual, he would listen to the doctor’s instructions in a humble way.

For a medium who see around 1.000 people per day, people who are in fragile situations, in search of spiritual help and healing, it is curious the decision of John of God going to see the traditional medicine. The journalist asked why someone like him, who can incorporate doctors, would see doctors. In his response John of God asked a question: ‘Does the barber cuts his own hair?” During the whole treatment John of God never complained or lost his strengths. He reacted in a positive way while he had to go through the medical interventions. He was a patient, just a regular patient. Two times he took a car to go from Goias to Sao Paulo and would only fly because his friends insisted on that. He never wanted to sleep in the hospital. To not miss any days at the Casa (John of God works every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) he requested the sessions would happen always on Sundays. He would come home as fast as possible, though sometimes he stayed in a hospital in Sao Paulo.

The last chemotherapy session happened on February 28th. Last May, a year after the request he asked during the wedding ceremony, John of God knew the signs of cancer in his body had disappeared. He was released from the treatment. “John of God is an example of how it is important for a doctor to listen to his patient” said Roberto Kalil. The discretion about his own health has nothing to do with the image to look infalible to his followers who come to Abadiania. John of God simply doesn’t talk about himself. For those who seek him for health reasons, it is always recommended they continue to see their doctors.


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