At John of God’s Pharmacy: Jars, Creams, Syrup, Pills

May 12, 2016


Hi guys!

So at the pharmacy at the Casa there are a few things you can buy in addition to herbs:

The yellow jar is to help with the healing process (wound healing)

The blue jar massage is for massage and muscle pain.

The bottle is a syrup for coughing.

The two big bottles are for weight loss.

That’s it!

In general, John of God might prescribe (in addition to herbs) the weight loss pills for some people. But if not, the other jars you can buy if you want.

I’ve had previous clients that swear by the blue jar (the massage cream / muscle pain). One even suggested to put the cream in her back before going to sit in the current room and how it changed the game for her (since the current bench can be a little challenging because it is kinda hard).


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