John of God

John of God

September 27, 2015

Joao de Teixeira de Farias, known by many as João de Deus (John of God) is one of the most gifted healers or mediums in the world.  He has been helping millions of people who come from so many different backgrounds and countries to his healing center (spiritual hospital) in Abadiânia known as the Casa Dom Inácio. Even Oprah Winfrey, Dr Wayne Dyer and Gabby Bernstein met John of God (if you would like to know more about their experiences, read this).

Sometimes people think that coming to Brazil to see John of God is only for people who need physical healing, but that is not true. Anyone can come to see him for whatever reason: spiritual, emotional, mental, relationship, career, life purpose, to find a soul mate, etc. Some people come here just for their own spiritual development. In the end, if you are feeling called to see him or if you feel in your heart you want to see him, that’s all that matters.

John of God is a channel for spirits of high evolved beings (known as Entities) who come into his body to perform healings. He is a full trance medium, which is a condition where an entity (spirit) takes full control of the body of a medium and he does not remember anything. Full trance mediums leave their bodies when an entity needs to deliver a message or, in John of God’s case, to perform healings.

Approximately more than 30 entities use his body as a channel to perform this spiritual work. He channels the spirits of deceased doctors, surgeons, masters, saints, etc. So when you go in line to see John of God, you are not talking to John the man, instead you are actually talking to the spirit of a deceased doctor, etc.

These entities (spirits) perform physical surgeries without anesthesia and there no cases of infection. But, you don’t have to worry about being under the kitchen knife because most people have what is called invisible surgery and less than 5% of the people have a physical surgery.

The entities are all around the Casa and here in Abadiania. There are thousands of entities working on us, healing us, even when we are not in front of John of God. To understand more, read Healing at the Casa.

A little more about John of God and his healing mission

John of God’s family did not have much money and from a young age he started to work at his dad’s tailor shop. Because he needed to help his family to make money, he left school after just a few years and never learn how to read and write. Although he never finished his studies, that did not stop him from becoming a very successful businessman.

When he was nine years old, his family was visiting relatives in another town and John of God had a premonition that many houses would be destroyed by a huge thunderstorm. It was a beautiful day and people did not believe him. That same day 50 houses were damaged and no one could explain why it happened.

But his healing mission only started when he was 16 years old (John of God was born in 1942), after he had a vision of Santa Rita of Cascia who told him to go to a spiritual center in Campo Grande. Once he got to there, he fainted and he” woke up”, people told him that the spirit of King Solomon came inside his body and performed many healings in that afternoon.

John of God faced many challenges in his healing journey. He was arrested and prosecute for practicing medicine without a license. He faced opposition from medical and religious organizations, which forced him to move from town to town to do his healing work. Until eventually he was guided by the entities (spirits) to establish his healing center (spiritual hospital) in Abadiânia.


Sometimes people get confused with the word entities. To make it easier for you, just think of them as spirits of light who are helping John of God to do his work. It is not just around 30 entities who work with him, it is thousands of them, a team of spirits who are working in each person.

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Debbie Akamine