If you like to research as much as we do, here is a list of interesting links for you!

Casa Guideline Booklet

This is a Casa Protocol booklet. You can read it, but you do not need to remember anything because we will be there every step of your way!

Casa Song Book

In this Casa Song Book, you will find the song book from the Sunday Service at 9 a.m. at the Main Hall of the Casa.

Casa Prayer Book

In the Casa Prayer book you will find some of the prayers / poems that are mentioned in the first current room as well as in the Sunday Service at the Casa

Abadiania Portal

In this website you will find a lot of information about the Casa and even a Casa Protocol (though it is from 2009 and things have changed, but you can take a look at it). You can also find out information about John of God’s trips abroad.

Friends of the Casa

This is another great website, especially if you would like to find out if it is possible to book a crystal bed treatment in your country.

Oprah Magazine: Leap of Faith, Meet John of God

This is an article written by Susan Casey, who is an editor for O Magazine about her experience in Brazil when she met John of God in the December 2010 issue.

Oprah Magazine: Oprah’s Experience with John of God

An article written by Oprah when she came to Brazil to meet John of God in April of 2012. This article is in the O Magazine, from the June 2012 issue.

Super Soul Sunday: Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Surgery from John of God, Part 1

After he was diagnosed with leukemia, Dr. Wayne Dyer decided to have an unconventional surgery with healer John of God. The twist? John of God was in Brazil; Wayne was in Maui. Watch as he describes the surgery and how he felt immediately thereafter.

Super Soul Sunday: Dr Wayne Dyer’s Surgery from John of God, Part 2

After undergoing an unconventional long-distance healing surgery from John of God in Brazil, Dr. Wayne Dyer had to have his “sutures” removed—even though he was thousands of miles away in Maui. Watch as he discusses the dramatic results he says he experienced from the surgery.

Wayne Dyer’s Blog: My Meeting with a Spiritual Healer

Wayne Dyer described his experience with distance healing done by John of God. At the time, he had leukemia and although he passed away recently, the autopsy report shows that he did not have leukemia at the time of his death. Again, to show that he did receive a healing from John of God and the entities (spirits) that work with him.

Gabby Bernstein: My Experience with John of God

In this video, the NY Times Best Seller Gabby Bernstein shared her experience with John of God here in Brazil in 2013. Debbie had the pleasure to not only meet her, but also to be her guide!!

Rebecca Rosen: John of God, Part 1 – The Signs

Rebecca Rosen, one of our favorite people, writing this beautiful journal about her experience here in Brazil! WE LOVED IT! Hope you will enjoy it too!

Rebecca Rosen: John of God, Part 2 – Lessons on Trust

Rebecca Rosen is one of Debbie’s favorite authors and through synchronicity, not only did she meet her, but also had the honor to guide her and her friends! She says it was SUCH an amazing experience! Rebecca is SO sweet! She absolutely LOVE her!

Rebecca Rosen: John of God, Part 3 – Going Inward and Upward

More good stuff from Rebecca Rosen and her beautiful experience here!

Rebecca Rosen: John of God, Part 4 – Open to Receive

Read this blog and you will learn more about her experience here

Rebecca Rosen: John of God, Part 5 – Strength in Vulnerability

The sweet Rebecca sharing more of her experience here

Rebecca Rosen: John of God, Part 6 – Surrender

Final blog post from Rebecca. I just want to thank the entities for bringing you in my life!! Sometimes I cannot believe I had the amazing pleasure of meeting you!!

Huffington Post: John of God, Oprah Says Faith Healer’s Surgeries Almost Made her Faint

In this article, you will read about Oprah’s experience when she came in Brazil in 2012 to meet John of God, a few days after the interview with Wayne Dyer was aired on Super Soul Sunday.

Debora King Experience with John of God

Deborah is a Hay House author and she came in 2007 to see John of God. She wrote a beautiful post about her experience here.