It has been a pleasure working with you guys!

Debbie Akamine is incredible guide. She is driven by genuine love and service. If you’re planning a trip to visit John of God you will be well taken care of by this beautiful person- Gabby Bernstein, New York Times best-selling author of Spirit Junkie

If you want to change your life, we are lucky we have the opportunity to see John Of God and have the divine help. Your first journey to Brazil to see John of God should be with a kind soul that will not only guide you through your healing journey but fill you with laughs and love. I was so so so very lucky to have Debbie and Cecilia as my tour guides on my first journey to Abadiania, BrazilPeleg Minash

Cecilia Zigher is a fantastic guide and coach and she will support you throughout your whole stay in a very gentle and loving way. She is fun and smart and at the same time extremly professional as she has a great knowledge and deep understanding of the Casa protocols. All in all she is an excellent Casa guide and will do everything for you to have an amazing time in Abadiânia. I am so happy that I finally ended up with Cecilia as my guide and I would always recommend her to everyone who wants to travel to John of God!” – Jutta Hahne

Cecilia and Debbie were my Casa Tour Guides in September 2014. Their commitment to serving the needs of everyone in the group was phenomenal. They were always there to make sure we knew how to navigate our way through the Casa. They have a great sense of humor. But their grounded nature allowed them to provide words of encouragement and advice when a visitor (like me) was experiencing a difficult moment. I recommend Cecilia’s and Debbie’s services highly!Craig Rippens

Cecilia and Debbie are loving and kind guides. Their attention to detail along with their vast knowledge from their many years of training was phenomenal. I used them in the fall of 2013 and 2014. I felt extremely comfortable and safe while visiting John of God. It was an amazing experienceCarolin Raleigh

I was very nervous when going to Brazil with no clue as to what I was doing, Cecilia and Debbie helped me open up and work more on myself. Thanks to their leadership throughout my stay and company in June 2015, I became more talkative and engaged with my group and worked further and in-depth toward the priorities I came to work on. I highly recommend them as a tour guide more than anyone else for people going to Brazil. They are very professional, caring, and helpful to each individual. I look forward to my next visit there! Keep up the good work Cecilia and Debbie, you are doing EXCELLENT! – Ivan Alexandrov

Cecilia and Debbie have the compassion and wisdom that is required for a John of God tour guide. They work from the heart-their sunny demeanor can bring  smiles and warmth to  the weariest pilgrim. The two trips I’ve taken with them have been both transformative and fun! They are strong guides and will be with you every step of the journey. Deb speaks Portuguese fluently which is essential for a guide! They attract wonderful people & brings joy and insight into all situations.Valerie Kis

Debbie’s and Cecilia’ s support and expertise made my John of God trip seamless. They guided me with great love and compassion. Through their guidance I have gained so much more  insight in my experience there and how it relates to my “real life” now. I gained lifelong friends.Joanna Chan

Debbie Akamine and Cecilia Zigher was the right and perfect Casa guides for me! They provided all the individualized support I needed and all the freedom of time I desired. They are authentic, vibrant, skilled and caring in all of their responsibilities as guides. And, they go the extra measure to assure the fullest experience of the Casa and the surrounding area. I could not have been happier, and am glad to know her. – Rev. Dana Cummings, Unity Minister

My daughter had done some research for my retreat at the Casa to be perfect. Through Serena Dyer she got Debbie Akamine’s contact info and after a few email exchanges told me that she had the feeling I was going to meet an angel.  She was absolutely right: from the day I got to Aba to the day I left Debbie took me (and the other people in the group) under her wings. What remains a mystery is that each one of us felt she was our “personal” angel. Debbie’s ability to give personal care to a bunch of people is uncanny and magical. Her calm efficiency, her professionalism makes her the perfect guide. The love she radiates makes her the eternal friend you are happy to recommend to anyone taking on the venture. I love you Debbie and cannot wait to come back to the Casa spend some time with you.Michelle Blechner

Debbie and Cecilia was thoughtful, loving, compassionate, caring, intuitive to others’ needs. They were tireless in their effort to meet the needs of the group. They were knowledgeable about John of God and the work at the Casa, giving us all the info we needed to be successful in our healing and to make smooth transitions after surgery. I also like their sense of humor, don’t leave home without it. They are excellent guides, and I highly recommend them!!! – Maurah Kaunah

Debbie Akamine is that person who stands at your side and champions you.  She is someone upon whom you can always depend, and who is kind, supportive, caring, and extremely friendly.  Upon first meeting Debora, I felt an immediate connection that grew deeper with each passing day.  Deb’s gentle, fun, and loving nature.  She is a beautiful being whose presence is truly a gift to all.– Michael Blomsterberg