The climate is subtropical, tropical or tropical savannah and we are 1.052m (or 3.451 feet) above sea level.

During the daytime, the temperature is between 80-90F (26-32C) and, in the evenings and early mornings, it is between 60-70F (15-20C). The temperature doesn’t really change much, except for the rain!

We only have two seasons here, which are defined by rain:

  • the rainy season (from October until April) and,
  • the dry season (from May until September).

BTW, the dry season is our “winter” and the rainy season is our summer.

Check or other websites online to have a weather forecast for the two weeks when you come to see John of God.

Click here if you would like to get find out about the weather in Aba.

As I’ve mentioned in the video, don’t let the rain (or rainy season) discourage you from coming here because the Casa is busy throughout the ENTIRE year!

If you are coming during the rainy season (from October until April), just remember to pack:

  1. rain gear
  2. shoes that are good for the rain
  3. umbrella (which you will need ANYWAY, because of the spiritual operation*)
  4. pants and light jackets or sweaters (it can get a little cooler because to the rain)
  5. Cash for the cab ride, which will be 10 reais (it depends on how many times you would be taking the cab)

*One of the post-surgery rules is to protect yourself from the sun for 8 days and people do that with an umbrella. For that reason, it is important to bring the umbrella when you are coming to Abadiania. Very often people receive spiritual operations (interventions, spiritual intervention, invisible operation – all that mean the same thing).

For more information on what to pack when you are coming here, click here or check my video.

That’s pretty much it!